Frank Yeh, MD

Board Certified: American Board of Gastroenterology

Fellowship: Gastroenterology: Fletcher Allen Health Care/UVM

MD: University of the Health Sciences

Knowledgeable, detailed care individualized for your gastrointestinal health care needs.

My name is Dr Frank Yeh and I am very happy to be joining Dr Sim at Advanced Gastroenterology! If you are coming to see me, you can be sure I have thoroughly reviewed your medical history. I have wanted to be a physician since the age of five when I had my first surgery. The detective work of clinic combined with the exploration of procedure is the biggest reason I got into the GI field. A colonoscopy is one of the very few cancer tests that can actually find an abnormal growth before it ever really becomes a cancer. Most other cancer screening tests can only detect established cancer, not pre-cancer.

To give you a sense of my background and hopefully make you feel a little more comfortable, let me tell you a little bit about myself. From kindergarten through high school, I lived in Southern California. I moved to Northern California to attend college at UC Berkley. After that, I started the gradual move eastward to North Chicago, IL where I received my medical degree from Chicago Medical School. I then completed my residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in liver transplant from Lahey Clinic Medical Center in Burlington, MA. Finally, I moved to one of the most northeastern states, Vermont, where I completed a fellowship in gastroenterology at the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT.

After completing 11 years of medical school, residency, and advanced training, I practiced in the Central Valley of California, where almost the entire almond supply of the world comes from. Now I’ve moved to the most northwestern state in the country, beautiful Washington.

My medical interests include transplants and endoscopies. Away from work, I enjoy travel, skiing, and watching movies. My wife and I were just blessed with a new baby, so most of my free time is spent with my family.

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